Sophie Buitenhuis (1995) is a graphic and textile designer from the Netherlands. Currently in her fourth academic year of Crossmedia Design at AKI ArteZ University of the Arts, she works on autonomous projects based upon personal fascinations and interests. Driven by these fascinations and interests but also intuition, she strives to visualize the most various subjects.

In her work she combines graphic design with textile design, and rarely without color. For Between The Ears she researched woven textiles as acoustic absorbents, connecting it to a condition where one is highly intolerant to everyday sounds while at the same time being dependent on it to mask a torturing sound (tinnitus) These sounds were visualized through cymatics and synesthesia. 

Her graduation project Idem and the same visualizes our modern, romantic way of identification through an medieval, non-romantic way of visualizing identification called Heraldry. This was realized through reassembling the classical coat of arms into two large, graphical and geometrical tapestries. The tapestries were tufted using old bedsheets which were cut into thousands of strips and hand-dyed.


Graphic Design
Cibap Vocational College for the Creative Arts, Zwolle – 2011/2015

BA Crossmedia Design
AKI ArteZ University of the Arts, Enschede – 2017/2021