An A2 poster of the design process was folded into a flyer. Every page shares something about the subject of this project until the whole poster was visible.

Idem et the same

It is impossible to capture ‘identity’ into a system of visual language that is fixed or based upon facts. Identity is not something that is set in stone. It is constantly developing, re-shaping and re-forming itself. It is continuous, repetitive and with that, a very abstract and infinite concept.

Idem et the same  visualizes our modern, romantic way of identification through an medieval, non-romantic way of visualizing identification called Heraldry. Capturing the contrast between our perception of identity in a time long before the term was coined and its current, everchanging meaning and form. This was realized through reassembling the classical coat of arms into two large, graphical and geometrical tapestries. The tapestries were tufted using old cotton bedsheets which were cut into thousands of strips and hand-dyed into multiple colors. 

The third tapestry (pictured below) was projected as an interactive part of the process. Even more complicated than the first two and re-shaping itself.

Handout cards of the tapestries at the exposition for people to take home