De invloed van sociale media op hedendaags escapisme

The influence of social media on today's escapism

Our society today is permeated with ideals and thoughts that originated from the romantic movement in the 18th century. A strong feature of this is escapism; the longing for another time or place to escape everyday obligations and problems. Escapism used to seem much more innocent; Tolkien wrote world-famous fantasy stories and artists such as Caspar David Friedrich painted beautiful landscapes to dream away. Both the advent of social media and the fact that we live in a stable, yet dynamic time has given escapism a whole new face.
This research looks at how social media and the age in which we grow up influence our form of escapism, how this has changed compared to the past, and what consequences this has on our mental health.

The layout of the thesis was derived from romantic poetry books from the 1800s, whereas the font and the binding method are referring to our modern era, where everything has to be as fast and easy as possible.