Stay home

We spend approximately 45% of our lifetime at home. The Dutch people even score highest at being happy at home with a score of 7.69 out of 10¹. But when we are asked to stay at home during a pandemic, we seem to massively go out. Why is wanting to do the opposite of what has been asked so tempting? Upon asking why people went out, motivations such as “the nice weather”, “the chance of getting sick being so small”, and “life just goes on”, were named², proving that feeling superior as well as the fear of missing out is just too strong within people to listen to someone else telling them what to do in a crucial time.

I disassembled and reassembled shapes cut from letters out of the two most used words at the time: STAY HOME. It surprises me that people don’t get the importance of it.

¹ Birkjaer, M. Henderson, A. Rubio, A.C. Andersen, R.D. Gamerdinger, A. Kaats, M. Wiking, M. (2019) The GoodHome Report 2019 – What makes a happy home?


² Raatgever, S. (2020, March 22). Waarom wil de ernst van de coronasituatie maar niet doordringen? Retrieved March 24, 2020, from